In 1959, Eugene Hansen founded Clean Sweep, Inc. with a broom, shovel and a wheelbarrow: sweeping a store lot in Bloomington, MN. Today it is one of the largest privately held parking lot maintenance companies in the nation.

In 1994, Clean Sweep, Inc. made its first move towards external growth with its acquisition of another company. Since that time 9 more companies have been added to the mix. In 2000, we decided to become a national company with a first acquisition outside Minnesota. Our recent acquisitions:

August 1999  
Central Sweep St. Paul, MN
February 2000  
Sammamish Sweepers Seattle, WA
March 2001  
Clifton Property Services Syracuse, NY
  Harrisburg, PA
  Brunswick, NJ
May 2003  
Dependable Sweeping Seattle, WA
September 2003  

Murel Companies

Milwaukee, WI
Clean It Services Chicago, IL
  Phoenix, AZ
June 2008  
J&B Sweeping Reno, NV

On Sept. 1, 2002 the company changed its legal name to Reliakor Services, Inc. Adopting a new name in all locations enables us to establish a unique national identity.

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